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Our mission is to instill confidence in young people through meditation and mindfulness practices, high-end athletic and fitness training, and education with emphasis on healthy, real-world development.

About Mindful Measures

Mindful Measures was founded in 2021 to help support young people in their mental, spiritual, and athletic growth. Characteristics that we seek to teach and develop include: mental toughness & resiliency, spiritual centering to find peace & awareness, healthy eating habits, proper body maintenance & care, and the development of the individual first, who is also capable of competing in any high-end sport or athletic event.


Upcoming Projects to Fund

Spring Break Spiritual
Sports Camp
  • Mon-Fri (date tbd)

  • 9am-1pm

  • Water, oranges, apples & bananas ONLY will be offered

  • Kids bring lunches (no nuts)

  • 100 kids (max)-first 100 to sign up

  • Ages 8-12

  • Cost: FREE!



Our goal is to offer ALL of our Spiritual Sports Camps FREE of charge to EVERYONE that wishes to join in our mission to develop mentally, physically, & spiritually grounded athletes & individuals. Click Act Now to find out how to become a sponsor or volunteer at one of our upcoming projects!

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Get to Know Us

We EMPOWER youth to be their BEST. How do we do it? Meditation training to find a confident center in order to create mentally tough athletes & individuals, nutritional training to help live a healthy lifestyle, and athletic training to help develop multi-sports skills.