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Free Spiritual Sports Camps are offered every quarter. We believe this information should be free to all, regardless of economic or financial status. Call or email us about information on our next camp..

Meditation and Visualization Excersizes:

High-end Athletic Training

Mindful Measures aims to instill personal confidence through God-Realization practices which include, but are not limited to: Yoga Meditation, physical/athletic training, nutritional awareness, and teaching of real-world financial skills


Meditation and visualization exercises will be taught and utilized at each camp. Students will learn to find peace from within. Each camp will begin with a group meditation. Meditation will be taught and designed for personal growth and understanding of oneself. Each student will be taught how to create happiness from within, develop resiliency, encourage growth through failure, observe & understand emotions, with emphasis on helping others. In addition, visualization exercises will be done before each drill/game. We believe mental practice is equally important as the physical exercise itself.

Students will participate in high-end fitness and athletic training. Sport and non-sport specific training. Facilities will include: 2 full basketball courts, indoor soccer field, track, batting/pitching cages, gymnastics section, indoor football field, pool, weight room, and more.


Students will learn real-world skills, with focus on financial literacy. Students will have opportunity take classes that help them understand money and to learn about credit, debt, investing, how to buy a car, how to buy a house, how to use a credit card, the stock market, managing money, creating wealth, emotional relationship with money, business basics, communication skills (verbal and written), nutrition, and more.



Help Us Build A Generation of Prepared, Confident & Capable Young Men & Women.

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