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Revolutionary mental performance training for athletes age 9 and up

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A Message from Coach Jay

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The mental game training offered by the Raise Your Inner Game Sports Academy is simply the best we’ve seen, especially for kids age 9-17. 

Because of our partnership, we’re able to offer their excellent U13 training for 20% off the regular tuition.

To claim your discount, enter this coupon code during the checkout process: MINDFUL-MEASURES


If you'd like to help your child be more confident, consistently play at a higher level, and stop getting so stressed out and down on themselves, we can't recommend this program highly enough. 


Click the button to learn more. If you decide it’s a good fit, enter our partner coupon code to receive your 20% discount. 

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RYIG Sports Academy Mental Game Assessment

Looking To Boost Your Child's Mental Game But Don't Know Where To Start? Take Our Mental Game Assessment and discover EXACTLY what needs to be done!


The Mental Game isn't any one thing. It's a combination of MANY things. (We measure EIGHT distinct elements!) And if you don't know which areas need work, you can't do much to make it better! That's where our Raise Your Inner Game Sports Academy Mental Game Assessment comes in. It tells you which specific parts of their mental game are strong and weak so you know where to focus your efforts to gain the maximum results in the shortest time.

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NOTE: This is not one of those gimmicky quizzes you see everywhere that don't really tell you anything. This is the SAME assessment we use in our Sports Academy private coaching and training. You'll discover just how strong their mental game is now and you'll have a great new resource to help them take things to the next level. All for only $29 USD!* CLICK THE BUTTON to start boosting your mental game today!

*Use the coupon code MENTALGAME to take the assessment for FREE!

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