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Camp U is a 2 week, overnight camp that focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual growth of your child. Each day incorporates meditation and mindfulness practices, athletic training & competition, as well as financial literacy, with focus on the entrepreneurial mindset.

Check out a day in the life of your camper


7:30am-rise and shine


9:00-9:30am-group meditation and reflection/discussion time

9:30-10am- dynamic group warmup

10-12pm-athletic training


1:15-2pm-siesta/quiet time

2-3pm-group project time

3:15-5:15pm athletic competition time

5:15-5:45pm-shower/dress for dinner


6:45-7:15-group meditation and reflection/discussion time.

7:15-9pm-Group activity/games/programs

9-10pm-quiet/wind down time

10pm-lights out.

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